Electronic beginnings

Starting out creating chiptune tracks that eventually led to full electronic music production and remixing others' tracks, as bash explode, I will continue to produce moving forward.

toor -year 2014

Producer, Mixing, Guitars, Chiptune

Back in 2014 I attended toorcamp, an outdoor hacker camp. Many people there brought projects to work on, and since it was my first year I wasn't exactly prepared. So I ended up downloading Famitracker and starting a chiptune track, see the -c track. I ended up pulling all of the samples from the originial chiptune track and creating a completely new track in a DAW. It was my first original electronic track. The production was done before I really knew too much about mixing and mastering, but with that said I think it still came out pretty well. I think the track will be a good snapshot for my progression as time goes on, and I hope people still enjoy it.